AJ Learning Space: A Story of Struggle, Realization, and Success

Some fail, and give up. Some others fail, but never give up. That’s how success stories are built! The story of AJ Learning Space Academy is also the same. However, before delving into the story of how AJ Learning Space Academy came into being and its vision, let’s get to know the people behind the venture.

Jijo Joseph

An HR-turned SEO expert in kerala, Jijo Joseph has emerged to a thought-leader in the industry within a short span of 7 years. His pragmatic approach towards optimizing websites for businesses from grassroots level has made him the most preferred and sought-after SEO consultant in Kerala & SEO Expert India. Over the years he has trained 13000+ students globally. He started off at a time when SEO industry in Kerala was only talking about backlinks that did not bring value to sites and jargons that no one understood. His vision and persistent efforts to learn and acquire scalable skills in SEO that can change the fates of businesses through targeted SEO campaigns made him the best in the industry. Today, along with availing high quality SEO training, he offers top-notch services to multiple brands and acts in consulting capacity to a wide range of multinational businesses.

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SEO content expert

Anjit VS

Anjit VS has over a decade of experience in the field of content writing in Kerala. Back in 2011, even before he had heard the terms ‘keywords’ or ‘SEO’, his personal website was already ranking for 100+ keywords globally. Without taking a single backlink voluntarily, at that time, his website ranked just because of one factor- Quality Content. Today also he believes that nothing will work in SEO if your website lacks 100% original quality content written for humans rather than just search engines. His ability to tell stories that engage and impress the audiences helped him carve a unique space in the field of content writing, globally. Today, Anjit VS owns multiple websites that cater to different content niches with most of them having unrivaled repute in the field. He has also established an exclusive content writing company in Kochi, Infig Content Hub.

Our Story

Although AJ Learning Space is a relatively new venture, the professional kinship that paved the path for the same took shape more than 5 years ago.

Everything began when Jijo Joseph, an unassuming, aspiring youth joined as the HR Admin for a Child Therapy Center in Kerala. As part of the effort of the center to improve its reach via digital means, they decided to hire the service of an SEO professional. Jijo being the HR Admin was assigned the responsibility to lead the effort.

Although it was the first time that Jijo came across the word SEO and what it means, he started looking for an SEO professional who can help the business improve its reach.

He tried many. As fate would have it, none of the SEO professionals were able to deliver the results that the center was looking for. It was during this phase, the search for a content writer ended with him finding Anjit VS. As they interacted about the project, and as Anjit shared his knowledge about the importance of content for SEO, they clicked.

Using the content developed by Anjit and the insights they collectively had, Jijo began doing SEO for the center. Results started coming slowly and this boosted his confidence. Sponsored by the business, Jijo went on to undertake a training program for SEO and returned with a better understanding of the industry and the process of SEO.

And there is no room for twist here:

Results began to show.

Visitors started showing up on the site.

Clients began to visit the center.

The center began to grow at faster and higher rates than anyone could have imagined.

And the hard work of Jijo paid off in spades.

Everyone congratulated Jijo for the leap that had taken. This encouraged Jijo to double his efforts to learn about SEO and develop scalable skills that can make the difference.

Thereafter, Jijo’s transformation to an SEO expert in Kerala happened quickly. As he realized that his skills are invaluable and there are newer pastures for him to scale as an SEO professional, he made the decision that would change his life forever.

He quit the child help center seeking a new profession in the dynamic and ever-growing field of SEO.

As he quitted the center and got busy with clients, he naturally lost his contact with Anjit as well. However, it was only a small break before the exciting partnership between them that was to follow in their lives.

Writing diverse pieces of content, Anjit was extremely busy with his passion.

As he would always say, when passion becomes profession, perfection is the product.

He was delivering content for numerous clients on diverse niches and companies around the world. He has also expanded his offerings to multiple websites that catered to unique niches.

From SEO content to website content, blogs articles, business letters, white papers, marketing collaterals, Statements of Purposes, Letter of Recommendations, Brochures, and whatnot, Anjit’s repertoire in the content writing field grew from one to another.

However, like any other entrepreneur would, he too wanted to take the business to the next level through extensive SEO campaigns.

Being in the industry for years, he knew the potential of SEO to launch his content writing business to the next level.

The reality, as it is for many in the field of SEO, turned out to be extremely disappointing for him.

Despite working with the experts, spending chunks of money, and wasting efforts and efforts, he did not see any result coming his way. Anjit even began thinking about putting a stopper to the entire SEO debacle.

And, then the pandemic hit.

Client enquiries began to take a crumple.

Visitors began to reduce.

Not one to back down from an honest challenge, Anjit got plenty of time for introspection during the free time that he got during the challenging times of the pandemic.

He went on learning extensively about SEO and what needs to be done. This gave him a newer perspective about SEO and how it must be done for his business.

He developed a customized SEO plan for his business.

But this time, instead of hiring an SEO professional, he decided to hire freshly trained SEO students from reputed training institutes and manage them with the help of an SEO consultant.

Thus his plan to set an in-house team that can be directly managed and monitored by him.

This set him on the path towards finding the right SEO Consultant who can provide him the results that he needs.

Meanwhile, Jijo was already making strides in the field of SEO in Kerala. He was working with leading brands and companies creating intelligent, result-yielding, and scalable campaigns for him.

And at the other end of the curve, there was Anjit. Searching for a reliable SEO consultant, Anjit was having a hard time.

The search of Anjit for a real professional SEO consultant finally ended when he found Jijo online. Old friend who initially sought his advice for SEO has now emerged as a brand name in the SEO domain. It surprised both of them how their fates have changed their life and brought them to cross their paths again.

As they interacted, regarding the visions of Anjit and his long-term plan, Jijo quickly came on board with the same. Unlike most others, Jijo acknowledged the importance of content to create a successful SEO campaign, even after all these years.

This was apparently the first time that Anjit saw an SEO expert acknowledging the importance of content in SEO. And instantly he knew, he has found the right person.

They began to look for young talents who can work for the project under the tutelage of Jijo as the leading SEO consultant.  The subsequent experiences—largely disappointing ones—led to both of them thinking about building a team of SEO professionals by providing them with adequate training.

With their experience in the field, they realized what the SEO industry in Kerala was lacking—lack of skilled SEO professionals. Even after spending huge amounts on training programs, students only know theories but have no practical knowledge. Most of the institutes confine students to the process of taking backlinks alone, and that too, illogically.

Together Jijo and Anjit decided to provide internship opportunity to inexperienced professionals in SEO the right way. And it paved the way for the birth of AJ Learning Space Academy—an exclusive and one-of-a-kind internship with training institute that is dedicated to providing SEO internship to professionals the way it helps them.

AJ Learning Space Academy will disrupt the current status of the SEO industry in Kerala, and possibly in the vast part of India.

And everything is to change, now!

Something bigger is also in the works!

And it will change things even more, even extensively, and for the foreseeable future…

Watch the space!!!

Our creative team

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